Don't Miss the Best Time for Capturing those Amazing Fall Colors!

September 10, 2017

Don't Miss the Best Time for Capturing those Amazing Fall Colors!

Fall is almost here!

The official start of Fall is September 23. It's just a mere two weeks away! And with the cooling weather and the reduced sunlight, the trees begin to change color, creating a photographer's paradise with some of the most breathtaking scenics of the year.

Peak color doesn't last long. And the timing of the best fall coloring depends on a number of factors including temperature, elevation and location.

Capture Fall Colors

Luckily, the folks at can help you with that. They've put together a handy Foliage Prediction Map for 2017.


Capture Fall Colors

This map is perfect for planning your fall photography, helping you catch the peak fall colors where ever you may be.

And, here are some additional resources to help you scout out and capture the best of the fall colors in your area and beyond:

Regional Resources

Alabama Fall Color Trails

California Fall Color

Aspen Viewing: Drives To See Fall Leaves In Colorado

Connecticut Fall Foliage Report

Connecticut Peak Foliage Map

Fall In Delaware

Georgia Leaf Watch 2017

Fall Colors In Iowa

Kentucky Color Fall

Maine'S Official Fall Foliage Website

Take A Maryland Fall Foliage Trip

Massachusetts Instafoliage

Minnesota Fall Color Finder

Ozark Fall Foliage Trip Planning Guidelines

Missouri Fall Colors

New England Today Live Fall Foliage Map

Fall Foliage Of New England

New Hampshire Peak Foliage Map

New Jersey Fall Foliage

New Jersey Fall Foliage - NJ Parks and Forests

New York Fall Foliage Report

Fall In Asheville

Fall Foliage In Western North Carolina

Fall Color Report - Appalachian State University

The Northeast Foliage Network

Autumn In Ohio

Ohio Fall Foliage Reports

Oregon Fall Foliage

Fall Foliage In Texas State Parks

Pocono Mountains Fall Foliage Forecast

Fall In Pennsylvania

Pa Autumn Scenic Driving Tours 2016

Beautiful Fall Foliage In Rhode Island

South Dakota Foliage Fall Foliage

Vermont Fall Foliage Reports


Fall Foliage In Stowe Vermont

Fall Foliage In Virginia

Fall In Virginia

Virginia Fall Foliage Report

Shenandoah'S Fall Color

Fall Foliage In West Virginia

West Virginia Fall Foliage Map

Best Of Fall In West Virginia

Wisconsin Fall Color Report

General Resources and Further Reading

Cool autumn weather reveals nature’s true hues: The science behind why leaves change color

12 Stops on the Ultimate Fall Foliage Road Trip

A State-by-State Guide to Fall Colors

The Foliage Network


The Weather Channel Fall Foliage Maps

U.S. Forest Service Fall Colors Progression

Top Destinations For Viewing Fall Leaves

Colorful Fall Species

Fall Color Guy


Fall Foliage Photography Tips

Fall Color Fun: 5 Ways To Take Better Pictures Of Color-Changing Leaves

9 Free Fall Foliage Apps You Need

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